Go front row with Digital Pressings

Some fans want to listen to music, others want to experience it. On Serenade, fans collect Digital Pressings to be brought into an artist’s story and understand the music beyond the audio. Music is more than playlists, pre saves and listens; its identity, passion and connection.

What’s it all about?

Digital Pressings are the modern day version of limited edition vinyl. They’re rare releases produced by artists in scarce quantities, with special bonus content to celebrate the music people that back them.  

Artists of all genres and profiles create Digital Pressings, from new indie upstarts all the way through to stadium acts. It’s their way of elevating the story of their music for those who want more than just the standard release. 

Each Digital Pressing includes:

How does this all work?

Digital Pressings are made possible by Web3 technology that allows digital media like art and music to be pressed into one-of-a-kind items, collected by fans who love and want to support their favourite artists.

Each Digital Pressing is associated with a unique Non-Fungible Token (“NFTs”) written into a blockchain we selected for its environmental friendliness. You’d have to produce 1.2 million Digital Pressings to equal the carbon footprint of one average 12” record.

For music people, music makers and Mother Earth

Valuable for music people

Strengthen your unbreakable bond with other fans - and your favourite artists - by collecting limited edition releases. Digital Pressings unlock bonus materials and can be traded like any traditional music format.

Better for music makers

Artists create Digital Pressings for free and receive 70% of the first sale and a 15% commission on any secondary sales in perpetuity. This means your financial backing helps artists make more of the music you love.

Sustainable for Mother Earth

Current chart formats like vinyl, CDs and cassettes are great for artists’ revenue but not so great for the planet. We help artists continue giving fans what they want - limited edition music - but with a far lighter environmental impact.

We’re a team of fans who live for music

Max Shand

Founder & CEO

Suren Wickramasinghe

Head of Engineering

Lulu Young

Head of Product

Mike Walsh

Head of Strategic Partnerships (UK)

Shaun Katz

Head of Operations

Melanie Weiss

Experience & Design Lead

Josh Dalton

Community Manager

Nick Jackman

Strategic Projects & Growth Manager

Sam Warwick

Principal Quality Engineer

Jacob Clements

Project Coordinator

The future of collecting music, today

Take it from our friends

We have been following the evolution of NFTs and are glad to have had the opportunity to create these special art pieces for the release of ‘Loving In Stereo’.


I’m excited, I really feel it’s great to embrace what’s next in music. We just want to give an opportunity for our fans to own something in a digital way and support us… that’s a great thing.

Luke, The Kooks

I’m just so honoured to be a part of this platform… You’re all super talented… and it’s just great to be a part of a new direction and artistry and to feel like it’s deeper than streaming something.

Sydney Park

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