Music defines us


defines us

It’s more permanent than a tattoo and travels with you longer than any tshirt. It’s our fabric; who we are and what connects us.

At Serenade, we believe that music is about more than playlists, pre saves and streams; it’s about storytelling, connection and passion.

The merch we collect along the way

– the posters, records and wristbands – they hold our own stories as much as they do the artists we cherish.

Since 2020,

we have worked with hundreds of artists

on wonderful music products to return to throughout your life.

Liam Gallagher
30 Seconds To Mars
G Flip
Dizzee Rascal

Thoughtful, sustainable and high quality products

that you might one day pass down to your kids, just as you may have inherited your parents’ record collection.

Merch 2

We give artists the tools to

Share the stories around their music

Package bonus audio, video & image content together

Enrich their fanbases with unique collectible items

We call these products ‘Digital Pressings’

The modern day version of limited edition vinyl. Each item is named and numbered and packed with exclusive content to flick through and immerse yourself in.

Digital Pressings are just one half of the story

Digital Pressings come along with collectible items that you can 
touch and feel and hold onto forever

Lanyard Box Set
Wristband Set
Iron-on Patch
Mini Music Keychain
The possibilities are endless

Artists have full creative licence over the physical items that play home to their music.

And they’re brought together by a simple ‘tap’

That’s all it takes. Tap any Serenade item on your phone and prepare for the journey that awaits.

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We hope you enjoy,